The Pictoplasma Portrait Gallery





Brunnenstr. 19-21, Berlin Mitte

1-11 May 2014
12:00 – 20:00

Opening reception April 30, 20:00

Admission: 5,- Euro

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, Pictoplasma is staging a vast group exhibition that brings together new works by the 100+ international artists, designers, illustrators, and filmmakers who have most influenced the project over the years.

Funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation, the Pictoplasma Portrait Gallery examines the genealogical dimensions of figurative aesthetics in the postdigital age. The installation is part of Pictoplasma’s ongoing investigation into the limits of face creation and animism. What are the minimum requirements needed for something to pass as a face and at the same time arouse maximum empathy in the viewer?

The unifying format of the portrait has been chosen for a reason: even its classical manifestation portraiture has always been less about recreating a person’s appearance than bringing out their true personality as they “look back” at the viewer from inside the image. At the same time the genre has undergone constant change, through first analogue and then digital photography. The exhibition presents paintings, busts, sculptures, animated video portraits by today’s most influential creators of character-driven visuals – also extending this list to accommodate the current obsession with self-portraits taken on a cellphone, gathered by Pictoplasma in an open call for #CharacterSelfies.

From September 2014 to January 2015 the Pictoplasma Portrait Gallery will be presented as part of an extensive Pictoplasma exhibition in the Museum for Contemporary Art MARCO in Monterrey, Mexico.

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Featuring original and new work by: 3753% Tordal (NOR), Aaron Leighton (CAN), Aaron Stewart (USA), Adrian Sonni (ARG), Akinori Oishi (JP), Alex Godwin (UK), Allyson Mellberg Taylor (USA), Amanda Visell (USA), Amandine Urruty (FR), Andy Martin (UK), Anima Boutique/Eliza Jappinen (FIN), Animade (UK), Anna Hrachovec (USA), Bakea (ES), BeeKingdom (CAN), Ben & Julia (CH/FR), Ben Newman (UK), Boris Hoppek (DE), Brecht Vanderbrooke (BE), Bubi Au Yeung (HK), Buff Monster (USA), Büro Destruct (CH), Charles Glaubitz (MX), Christian Montenegro (ARG), Chu (ARG), Craig Redman (AUS), Dante Zaballa (ARG), David OReilly (IRL), Doma Collective (ARG), Doppeldenk (DE), Doudouboy (FR), eBoy (DE), El Grand Chamaco (MX), El Señor (ES), Faiyaz Jafri (NL), Felt Mistress (UK), Fluorescent Hill (CAN), Fons Schiedon (NL), Francisco Miranda (ARG), François Chalet (CH), Gangpol & Mit (FR), Gary Baseman (USA), Gary Taxali (CAN), Gemma Correll (UK), Geneviève Gauckler (FR), Hyein Lee (HK/CAN), Ian Stevenson (UK), Jan de Coster (BE), Jeanspezial (FR), Jeremy Dower (AUS), Jeremyville (AUS), Joel Trussel (USA), Jon Burgerman (UK), Jon Fox (UK), Jordan Metcalf (ZA), Joshua Ben Longo (USA), Juan Molinet (ARG), Juan Pablo Cambariere (ARG), JuJu (DE), Juliana Pedemonte (ARG), Kimiaki Yaegashi (JP), Koralie (FR), Kurt Separately (UK), Luke Ramsey (CAN), Marek Michalowski (USA), Mark Gmehling (DE), Mark Jenkins (USA), Matias Vigliano (ARG), Matt Jones (UK), Max Gärtner (DE), Melissa Godoy Nieto (MX), Motomichi Nakamura (JP), mr clement (HK), MyMo (DE), Nathan Jurevicius (AUS), Nick Sheehy (UK), Nina Braun (DE), Nomint (GR), Ori Toor (ISR), Osian Efnisien (UK), Peppermelon (ARG), Pete Fowler (UK), Peter de Sève (USA), Pic Pic André (BE), Pleix (FR), Raymond Lemstra (NL), Rilla Alexander (AUS), Roman Klonek (DE), Ryan Quincy (USA), Ryosuke Tei (JP), Sauerkids (NL), Sehsucht (DE), Shoboshobo (FR), Siggi Eggertsson (ISL), Slumberbean (UK), Sue Doeksen (NL), Tado (UK), Ted Parker (NL), The London Police (UK), Tim Biskup (USA), Tokyoplastic (UK), Ville Savimaa (FIN), Wayne Horse (DE), Will Sweeney (UK), Yeka Haski (RUS), Yves Geleyn (FR) and many, many more…




To counter the current craze of blurry duck faces and underexposed narcism, Pictoplasma invited international designers, illustrators and artists to submit a selfie – not of themselves, but of their characters. A fine selection of the 2.500 submitted artworks will be presented in a central installation.

For a preview of the gathered material visit the projects tumblr page: #CharacterSelfies


The Pictoplasma Portraits Exhibition is funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation


The Pictoplasma Portrait Gallery is supported by MARCO, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Monterrey, Mexico